Analysis of a contemporary tune - La musa danzante

By Renzo Ruggiero

In this article you can find a musical analysis of the tune "La musa danzante", a beguine dance composed and arranged for nyckelharpa ensemble by the author.

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Renzo Ruggiero (Italy)

Since long time I’m involved in studies and researches of musical repertory going from middle age times to nowadays passing through Italian and Mediterranean popular traditions, playing in different musical bands and touring with them in Italy and abroad.
I started my musical journey on the end of the 80s studying jazz techniques and improvisation on bass guitar. At the same time I attends classes at DAMS (art school) in Bologna, very lively city regarding cultural activities in the social squatted centres, in such places I experienced my first musical activities that will leave an enduring mark into my artistic career.
Later I’m focus my attention and interest on different instruments coming from different geographical areas -from the Mediterranean basin to north-central Europe, studying specifically repertory and techniques of those ancient instruments: hurdy gurdy (France), santur (Iran), nyckelharpa (Sweden).
In the year 2005 I found a course of nyckelharpa with Marco Ambrosini at the “Scuola di Musica Popolare di Forlimpopoli”.
At the moment I write my music for my string trio “ArKitèsi” (violin, nyckelharpa, contrabass) and preparing to record a CD with them.