Running a Learning Partnership - Aspects of Project-Management

By Karsten Evers


From an organisational point of view I want to describe in this article a few steps and methods that helped us to run the CADENCE project successfully as a “Grundtvig Learning Partnership”. The article deals with some aspects like finding the best programme, writing an application, calculation of the cost, evaluation, internal and external communication, monitoring and controlling of the entire process and dissemination of the results.

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Karsten Evers (Germany)

Degreed engineer, master of cultural education and Gestalt therapist.
Karsten was the coordinator of this CADENCE partnership. He has been a part of the folk revival in Germany since the 1970s. Later he studied music and science of cultural education after being an architect before. Since 1984, he has been responsible for cultural adult education at BURG FÜRSTENECK.