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  • Nyckelharp(a)issimo - Nyckelharpafibel für (leicht) fortgeschrittene NyckelharpaspielerInnen
    Claudia Elmer

Dieses Übungsbuch ist für alle geeignet, die bereits Erfahrungen beim Nyckelharpa spielen gesammelt haben und nun auf der Suche nach neuen Herausforderungen sind, um das eigene Spiel weiter zu entwickeln. Neben Übetipps und Übungen für Warmup und Cool-down, reisen wir gemeinsam durch die gängigsten Tonarten, um die gesamte Klaviatur der Nyckeharpa zu erobern. Für jede Tonart werden Übungen für die Greifhand und für die Bogenhand angeboten, die im Anschluss in einem, in der passenden Tonart notierten Stück, sofort angewendet werden können. Alle Stücke sind mit vierreihigen Nyckelharpor spielbar. Wenn das Instrument über drei Tastenreihen verfügt, können ebenfalls alle Musikstücke gespielt werden, außer die nach unten oktavierten Varianten. Die Fingersätze sind für Nyckelharpor in Quintstimmung notiert. Jede/r kann sich die Themen und Tonarten heraussuchen, die für sie/ihn passen und von Interesse sind.
Sprache: Deutsch, 210 Seiten,, 2020
ISBN: 9783752967432
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Johann Sebastian Bach, zweistimmige Inventionen
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Two Part Inventions – Arranged for Nyckelharpa (Viola d'Amore a Chiavi - Schlüsselfidel) & Accompaniment by Marco Ambrosini, Caterina Other & Eva-Maria Rusche

Johann Sebastian Bach was primarily a keyboard instrumentalist, but he is said to have been an excellent string player, too. Many of his works for keyboard instruments lend themselves wonderfully for performances on stringed instruments.
The nyckelharpa, which at that time, was very probably no longer known in German-speaking areas, perfectly melds Bach’s two musical souls. With its very special articulation possibilities, the bow leads through the melodic and rhythmic twists and turns of the individual parts, the keyboard with its keys and tangents enables precise intonation, and there is an open string sound for each note - ultimately this provides possibly a unique transparency of the complex harmonic structure of his works. We should also not forget the sympathetic strings of the instrument, which due to the fact that the played notes sound longer, thus enable a better sensing of the harmonic connectedness. – The book is written in English and German language.
Verlag der Spielleute, 2018, 134 pages
(ISBN, 978-3-943060-15-7)
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Nyckelharpa, Up and Down, Fabian Payr
  • Fabian Payr: Up & Down, Basic Principles of Up- & Downbowing - and 64 Melodies for Nyckelharpa and Accompaniment

Whoever wants to bring the Nyckelharpa’s rich sound to life should master the art of bowing. This includes, among other things, an appropriate use of up- und downbows. Making music on the basis of the bowing rules includes both body and gravity and also takes into account the constructive characteristics of the bow.
In the first part of this book some basic principles of a meaningful and musical distribution of up- und downbows are explained and a multitude of bowing patterns are introduced. A famous violin teacher from the past also has his say: Leopold Mozart. The rules from his "Gründliche Violinschule“ are over 260 years old - but still a valuable inspiration today. The theoretical part is supplemented by an extensive collection of pieces in which the application of the bowing rules is shown in practice - with a multitude of pieces from different epochs and different areas of international folk music.
The book is written in English and German language.
Verlag der Spielleute, 2018, 96 pages
(ISBN, 978-3-943060-14-0)
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  • Orlando Gibbons: Fantasies of two, three & six parts, arranged for nyckelharpa by Marco Ambrosini and Caterina Other

Orlando Gibbon's beautiful fantasies and dances, composed in the original for the gamba in duo, trio and sextet, can finally be played by nyckelharpa, artfully and fundamentally arranged by Caterina Other and Marco Ambrosini for this instrument.
Verlag der Spielleute, 2017, 42 pages
(ISBN, 978-3-943060-13-3)
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  • Per-Ulf Allmo: "Framlades then stora Nycklegijga - En avhandling om den svenska nyckelharpans tillkomst"

A thesis on the origins of the swedish Nyckelharpa
Förlaget Tongång, 2016, 180 pages, Swedish
(ISBN, 978-91-983273-0-4)
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  • Marco Suppo: "Tablatures for 4-row Chromatic Nyckelharpa"

Verlag der Spielleute, Förlaget Tongång, 2015, 200 pages, English, Deutsch, Italiano
(ISBN, 978-3-943060-08-9)
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  • ENCORE Nyckelharpa Orchestra / audio CD - 50'01,
10 August 2013 at the cathedral of Bertinoro, Italy (LC 06846, CDNH02)
"ENCORE – European Nyckelharpa Cooperation – ORchestral Experience - between European folk music and contemporary compositions"
To order write at: evers (at) nyckelharpa (dot) eu

  • Jule Bauer: "playing NYCKELHARPA spielen"
Verlag der Spielleute, Förlaget Tongång, 2013, 118 pages, English, Deutsch
(ISBN 978-3-943060-02-7)
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  • Marco Ambrosini: "Nyckelharpa exercises for daily practice"
Verlag der Spielleute, Förlaget Tongång, 2012, 112 pages, English, Italian, German
(ISBN 13: 978-3-943060-04-1)
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  • Jule Bauer, Didier François, Marco Ambrosini: "Symbols and Notation" – Writing and Reading Sheet Music for Nyckelharpa (Italiano, English, Deutsch), 16 pages
  • "Nyckelharpa - Tonal Range & Clefs", 1 page

  • CADENCE brochure - 80 pages with reports on the CADENCE cooperation, the history of the nyckelharpa and the music taught and played in the project. (ISBN: 978-3-943060-00-3)
To download the brochure in low resolution click here (4MB). To get it nicely printed and with CD see the contact below.
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  • CADENCE audio CD - The "CADENCE Nyckelharpa Ensemble", 66'36
    9 October 2010 at BURG FÜRSTENECK (LC 06846, CDNH01)
    , recorded by the German radio "Deutschlandfunk"
The CD is attached to parts of the edition of the brochure. See the tracklist here. (You find much more information about the music on the CD in the brochure, page 72 ff.)
Download an inlay for the CD here
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  • CADENCE e-book - 420 pages with all articles and sheet music provided on this website - version 10/11/2011
To download the CADENCE e-book click here (15 MB)

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